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The future of glyphosate still balanced on a needle

For the agricultural world, the weed killer glyphosate is a boon, one that keeps a variety of weeds at bay and increases production. But all everyone is a fan of this controversial chemical. The citizens of EU raised a petition for the ban of herbicide glyphosate in 2017 and garnered over 1,070,865 signatures. The citizens in support of the petition claimed that glyphosate was harmful to humans, environment and the biodiversity; and therefore, it needed to be banned. However despite the public demands, the EU Commission’s decision was to not ban the herbicide as there was no scientific evidence that it was dangerous. EU instead ordered implementation of a sustainable use directive to reduce overall pesticide use in agriculture, meaning that only certain levels of the herbicide can be used. Continue reading “The future of glyphosate still balanced on a needle”

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Clean water vs. longer use of oil reserves- The fracking debate

The world as we know it could change drastically in 50 years, when the estimated natural oil and gas reserves run out. However, this is just oil that can be feasibly extracted. There are unconventional reserves in shale rock or tight sands, like in the UK, that can be extracted by controversial fracking process. Continue reading “Clean water vs. longer use of oil reserves- The fracking debate”

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The curse of longevity

The uneven, handmade wooden cot mocks me,
Remaining as strong, sturdy as when made,
But how the decades have changed her, she
Who lies on it, now fragile, helpless, afraid.

As the old cot remains still, she once was,
Sitting majestically, commanding, on the cot,
Her throne, my grandmother, and her laws
Governed us all, physically present or not.

Those lessons still live on in our thought,
Our action, our heart; and will always live.
But she now reclines on her beloved cot,
Alone, without the husband she outlived.

It is brutal to see her now shrunken frame,
Her blank eyes, once filled with forethought,
Now portray the void recesses of her brain,
As she lays, never to be parted from her cot.

Her silent lips, once filled with witty quips,
Now repeatedly ramble, rave and babble
A child again, old age has her in its grips,
Stealing her amused laugh, her cute cackle.

And yet, momentarily, she still outshines
Us all. A comment, lazily thrown dazzles us,
Her wisdom, still far beyond ours, shines,
In her weary form on the cot robust.

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Oven baked Herbtastic veggies

I’ve recently discovered the wonder of …the oven. I know its existed for ages but I never really used it before, preferring to use the hob most of the time. But a friend got me interested in oven baked squash and now I am a oven lover. Its my new best friend! Its so perfect for a quick meal. I’ve been experimenting a little bit, not too well versed in using an oven. But I’ve made a really weird combination of vegetables that I really enjoyed eating today! PS. I’m sorry for the truly awful presentation but I was too hungry to make it look nicer! Continue reading “Oven baked Herbtastic veggies”

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Earth of The Anthropocene

Are we good or bad? I bet you’re thinking, what sort of a question is that?! Of course we’re good people! But I meant from a wider perceptive, a whole Earth perspective… Just imagine…Imagine you’re an elephant, would you consider humans as good? Those two legged creatures who hunt you for your teeth, who climb on you for rides, who tie you to a post or make you walk hundreds of miles? What about if you’re a tree who’s being cut down?

This is just the beginning of a series of posts on the different areas where humans have completely meddled with the way nature works and how the Earth’s system itself has changed because of it.

Continue reading “Earth of The Anthropocene”