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‘Ode to my Grand dad’ by my best friend

This is something my closest friend wrote for her grand dad. This is for her, her love for her grand dad.

Ode to my grandad, by Baneesha Bedi

Never have I felt a loss like yours,
That defies the very Earth’s laws.

One minute, you were caring for me,
But then life passes you by,
And in the blink of an eye,
I was here, caring for you. Continue reading “‘Ode to my Grand dad’ by my best friend”

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At the threshold, what might have been

From the threshold, looking at the brilliant blue sky,
Seeing the little puffs of white clouds go scudding by,
I feel no tranquility, thrill through me, lost as I am,
In the past. Lost in the memory of a year ago, today,
When a simple knock threw me into complete disarray.

He stood at my door, as tall, dark, handsome as ever,
His smile was nervous and in his eyes glinted a fervor.
Damp, he entered, the rain outside framing his form,
I gulped, he tenderly said, standing at the threshold,
“I love you”! It was a fine, romantic sight to behold!

I blinked, so overwhelmed, and he said it once more.
My heart had swooned, so my mind came to the fore.
Yet, as I stood at the threshold, I hesitated, an instant,
But my mind prevailed and my choice was clear,
So I refused him, that day, even though he was dear.

Today, I stand here, at this threshold, alone.
For together, we would never be happy, I knew.
Our differences were far too great to be bridged,
Yet, so many moments I have spent, pondering,
and here I am at the threshold, still wondering,

What might have been……

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Who is a woman, really?

For two of my closest friends, who’ve stayed strong no matter what life throws at them and still find the strength to lend me when I need it!

Who is a woman really?

Who is a little girl really?
She’s who hides desires behind her frilly frocks,
As society hands her dolls, not building blocks.
She jumps and twirls in pretty, pink bows,
And learns boys alone are allowed a macho pose. Continue reading “Who is a woman, really?”