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The Birth (of perspective)day

Birthdays! I’ve never been particularly excited about them. I could never see why people felt birthdays were exciting when all I felt was that I was getting older. And the real world was one year closer.

But my 21’st has been a revelation. It’s changed the way I think about some things. And its been one heck of an amazing day!

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Five reasons we’re all going to die

No, I’m not being pessimistic. I’m being logical. Confused? That’s how I felt when I found out what a mess we humans have made of our existence.

Here are the five top reasons that explain why we’re likely to die out and its not as long away as we hope.

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A New Years’ confidence in my resolve

Happy New Year!! A bit late, but oh well! Better late then never! I want to start this new year on a positive note. A new year does symbolize a new beginning, a fresh start. I want this year to be a bright new, fresh start for me too. And you know what New Years means. Another year, another resolution. Everyone knows resolution is a resolve today, forget tomorrow kind of thing. Well, unless you’re that determined person who actually does follow through. Continue reading “A New Years’ confidence in my resolve”