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Milo Murphy’s Law – The love of the child in me

I’m not sure if a lot of people have similar views but I love cartoons! It’s definitely socially expected that once you’re over a certain age, you stop watching cartoons and engage in more intellectual pass times. At my age (which shall remain under wraps!), watching cartoons is definitely a no- no. But, as is now evident, it is my guilty pleasure. Nothing like getting your inner child out once in a while to make you forget how stressful being an adult can be!

One animation show I’ve been watching recently, is Milo Murphy’s Law. Haven’t watched it? You’re missing out!

Its a Disney XD show and its marvelous! Milo Murphy’s constantly afflicted by Murphy’s Law, which means disastrous things are always happening around him! With his two friends, Zack and Melissa, he expects the unexpected and rides the wave of adventure that follows him everywhere! Throw in time travel, evil pistachio mutants, Milo’s Dr. Zone obsessed sister into the mix and you’ve got a bizarrely entertaining caper!

I have to admit, its not just the really weird disasters surrounding Milo that interests me. Its also the connection to Phineas and Ferb. Sigh! How can I forget the long summer hours I spent watching the show about 2 kids spending their summer to build creatively crazy things?! Dan Povenmire and Jeff  ‘Swampy’ Marsh are back with this Milo Murphy after Phineas and Ferb ended and their trademark is stamped all over this new show. And I can’t wait for the crossover of Milo and Phineas to finally happen! And I will also admit to squealing about all the Phineas easter eggs in Milo Murphy’s Law (In private of course!)!

Not all episodes are absolutely fantastic and after a point, the endless list of calamities does get boring. But then you get to the finale of Season 1 (No spoilers here!) and it simply leaves you begging to know what happens next!

I admire the way Milo (or the character) stays positive. If I had a fraction of those things happen to me (yes, I know he’s cartoon.), I’d have given up. I mean I like the emphasis on positivity the show makes. Also, I love Sabrina Carpenter after Girl Meets World, and I love her sassy portrayal of Melissa. Although, I’m more like Zack. Completely afraid of things till they happen and I actually find I enjoy it!

Its a once watch show. I guess kids would love watching the show over and over again. I know I still watch Phineas and Ferb reruns. But with Milo Murphy, you watch it once and you intensely enjoy it. And then you, like me, wait for the crossover!



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