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Snow, here I come!


I had my first ever snow day today!!! I’d never seen proper, heavy snow before today. And it was amazing! The best snow day ever!

It was simply brilliant! For me that is. The ‘Beast from the East’ wasn’t great news for a lot of people but it did fulfill my dream of having fun in snow!
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The restless wait for death….

Death! Its a funny word, isn’t it? Not hahaha funny. More like weird funny. Its funny how unfunny it is! Its a small word, 5 letters. And it means so much.

I don’t think I’ve ever truly appreciated the depth of what it means. Death has so much significance in life. In everyone’s life. You hear of death everyday. In newspapers, in videos, in social media, from friends, from relatives and ….you personally face it sometimes.  Continue reading “The restless wait for death….”

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‘Ode to my Grand dad’ by my best friend

This is something my closest friend wrote for her grand dad. This is for her, her love for her grand dad.

Ode to my grandad, by Baneesha Bedi

Never have I felt a loss like yours,
That defies the very Earth’s laws.

One minute, you were caring for me,
But then life passes you by,
And in the blink of an eye,
I was here, caring for you. Continue reading “‘Ode to my Grand dad’ by my best friend”