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The Tireless Trip. What a mother feels…

1.   The Ratangarh Haveli

I looked out, the hot wind blowing through the open window grazing my face. The train was slowing down, its rattle getting softer. I sighed.  From next to me, my husband took my hand and squeezed it affectionately.

“We’re nearly there. We should get our things.” He said.

I nodded and he dragged our shared suitcase from under the train berth. The label on the case caught my eye, as he rested it on its wheels. Mr. and Mrs. Aditya Ranganathan, the faded label read. It still brought a smile to my face. Adi, my husband, had insisted on sharing everything when we’d gotten married. We are sharing our lives, he’d said, so whatever we have in our lives, we’ll share it too.

And so we did. We shared our dreams, our thoughts, our room, our suitcase, even the label and….our daughter. Our only daughter, Radhika. She preferred Rika though and so we all called her so. I sighed as her face appeared in my mind’s eye. She was the reason for my…our disquiet. Continue reading “The Tireless Trip. What a mother feels…”

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Mr. Future’s Secret Past

The clashing of metals, the unearthly thrum and the constant hammering and pounding were driving the Harveys up the wall. In the beginning, they’d been thrilled about having a world famous scientist living next door. But the incessant clamor, which refused to be silenced even by  soundproof walls, made them wish for a more normal and quiet neighbor who wouldn’t be up at odd hours tinkering with machines in search of some elusive invention which would yet again change the course of history.

The thoughts of Sam Cander ran along very different lines, compared to his weary next door dwellers, as he contemplated the final touches of his greatest creation ever. He had developed it after years of research in the virtual books, countless journeys into the past and limitless time spent in formulating the proper sequence for it. He didn’t do it for the money (he had enough of it) nor for fame (he hated those virtual messages the paparazzi kept sending, disguised as nutrient capsules which sparked when he opened one and began filming and transmitting until he shot it down with a ray gun!). No, he had designed it principally out of his wish to finally fulfill his dream, a secret he had closely guarded from the world. Continue reading “Mr. Future’s Secret Past”

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Let the Light Shine On

Embarrassment. Humiliation.  Shame. That was the story of my life. A short, plump, slightly overweight girl in hideous clothes. My entire life has been a series of disgraceful incidents which left me deeply sympathetic of the feelings of others around me. I attended the educational institution that modern people call a school where I was part of the walls unnoticed and ignored till I posed a target to the popular crew who derived immense pleasure from scorning and mocking me, treating me with contempt and derision. I was always the strange kid whom nearly everyone saw as peculiar. Clearly never accepted, I remained a misfit, an outsider.

The most magical and extraordinary day in a girl’s life is her sixteenth birthday, the day my life turned upside down. It was magical in a way I had never imagined. Continue reading “Let the Light Shine On”