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Murder on the Orient Express – a new take on an old tale

So I just watched the film ‘Murder on the Orient Express’, directed by Kenneth Branagh, and I have to say….I wasn’t very impressed.

I’d be in the minority here and I’m sure most of you guys loved it, but I ….didn’t. Chalked it up to the fact that Murder on the Orient Express was and still is, one of my favorite novels. I spent a lot of my teenage avoiding dealing with real life situations by reading about all the atrocities of human kind through Agatha Christie’s enthralling books. It wasn’t long till Hercule Poirot captured my interest, my imagination and my heart. Actually, it was halfway though the first book! Continue reading “Murder on the Orient Express – a new take on an old tale”

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Milo Murphy’s Law – The love of the child in me

I’m not sure if a lot of people have similar views but I love cartoons! It’s definitely socially expected that once you’re over a certain age, you stop watching cartoons and engage in more intellectual pass times.¬†At my age (which shall remain under wraps!), watching cartoons is definitely a no- no. But, as is now evident, it is my guilty pleasure. Nothing like getting your inner child out once in a while to make you forget how stressful being an adult can be!

One animation show I’ve been watching recently, is Milo Murphy’s Law. Haven’t watched it? You’re missing out! Continue reading “Milo Murphy’s Law – The love of the child in me”

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It all started with the Big Bang….Theory

Doesn’t it annoy you when people make fun of your favorite TV shows?!

The Big Bang Theory, which airs on CBS, is one of my favorite sitcoms. Which of course means that I gush about it to my friends (Yes, I have friends). And they, relentlessly and persistently, ask me how on Earth do I find the show funny! Continue reading “It all started with the Big Bang….Theory”