About moi

Hi! I am Arya. I’m enthusiastic. I’m funny (The debate is still on about that!). And slightly sarcastic. Mostly, I’m eager to write about anything and everything!

Like everyone else, I have different identities. An adult. A sibling. A student. A friend. A sister. A daughter. A scientist. An artist. A believer.  All of these make me…me. These identities go together sometimes. Other times they clash! I experience life through each of my identities or maybe a combination of them all.

Ahem. More seriously, I am a scientist. I prefer being called a scientist, rather than a biologist, or a student of biology (which is what I am). I’d like to think I have a more scientific approach to life.  I love observing things around me and sharing my ideas.  I love viewing the world though a microscope and analyzing everything, from emotions to my life to actual science! This blog is sort of everything I see through my microscope!

My views, my convictions and my take on the world are all here. The word through my eyes. And ears and nose and other senses.  You may agree, or you may disagree. Our beliefs are ours. I just like exhibiting mine!

Emotions, hopes, dreams, even thoughts –  everything changes as life goes on. I learn things every minute. And some of them, the ones closest to my heart, are on here.