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Snow, here I come!


I had my first ever snow day today!!! I’d never seen proper, heavy snow before today. And it was amazing! The best snow day ever!

It was simply brilliant! For me that is. The ‘Beast from the East’ wasn’t great news for a lot of people but it did fulfill my dream of having fun in snow!

Snow flurry!

I barely slept all last night, getting to check if it was snowing yet. After a few restless hours, when I did get out of bed, I was astounded to see a faint layer of while over the ground. I ran out, all wrapped up, to feel the snowflakes on my face. I caught one on my tongue (actually, lots of flakes blew into my mouth because of the wind!) . It felt great! But it was freezing (obviously) so I came back home.

After a while, the flurry only got wilder! I sat by the window for hours, watching the snow building up, getting thicker on the ground. Unable to bear it any longer, I ran out, with my phone at the ready, snapping pictures of anything and everything covered in snow.

I squealed when I placed my booted foot on a thick layer of the snow for the first time. It felt like a thick, plushy carpet, one where someone had spilled tons of talcum powder. The snow was very fine, almost powdery. I could barely form a snowball with it!

After stomping on the snow and giggling for a while, I pulled my hood down and spun around in the snow flakes raining down. My friends were all busy, stuck in other parts of the town, country or the world! So I was alone to enjoy this amazing miracle. That didn’t stop me from video calling them to chatter excitedly about ALL THIS SNOW! It was all so gorgeous, like something out of a fairy tale. Or some other adventurous person’s Facebook page!

My slightly diabolical looked snowman!

After they got bored of watching my drag my feet through the snow and squeal delightedly, I walked over to a corner and used the loads of snow there to make a teeny-tiny snowman, my first one ever. With freezing fingers, I tried to mold the snow into some semblance of a snowman. All I managed was a pathetic little mound with eyes and limbs! I still loved him! My first ever snow…thing!

By then the snow had really piled up! So I tried making a snow angel, that looked ‘like a spot dinosaurs trampled on’ according to my sister. Then I met my housemate and we tried tobogganing down a slope in our makeshift toboggans (read cardboard boxes.) Then we shrieked and laughed as we flung snow at each other!



By then it was dark and I was forced to come back home. I wasn’t sure if the snow would last through the night, and so to make the most of it, I threw myself down on a snowdrift and giggled as I rolled around in it! Not unlike a five year old! A very happy 5 year old!
So my first ever snowday saw me doing all the cliche things – snowball fight, building a snowman, snow angel, clumping around in the snow, slipping and falling a few times and finally, enjoying myself completely!

LOVED walking through all this lovely, thick snow!

Now, I’m hoping the snow remains till tomorrow and gives me a change to do everything all over again, and maybe try some new things as well!




I'm a writer, a poet, an observer and a studier of life.

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