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Oven baked Herbtastic veggies

I’ve recently discovered the wonder of …the oven. I know its existed for ages but I never really used it before, preferring to use the hob most of the time. But a friend got me interested in oven baked squash and now I am a oven lover. Its my new best friend! Its so perfect for a quick meal. I’ve been experimenting a little bit, not too well versed in using an oven. But I’ve made a really weird combination of vegetables that I really enjoyed eating today! PS. I’m sorry for the truly awful presentation but I was too hungry to make it look nicer! Continue reading “Oven baked Herbtastic veggies”

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5 min creamy potato wrap… thing (Okay, the name still needs work)

This one was completely by accident. Really! I was actually surprised that it tasted so good! Especially as I was the one making it! I had come back from university at 4.00 pm, completely ravenous after skipping lunch. I had no patience to make food. Without really thinking about it, I picked up a potato waffle, found some other random ingredients and starting tossing it together into a bowl in the  microwave and it came together! I got an idea as to what I was making after I was more than halfway through it! It takes like 5 minutes to make. And its delicious for something that took so little time. Continue reading “5 min creamy potato wrap… thing (Okay, the name still needs work)”

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Indian style veggie Couscous – Just coz

I love Indian spices! They seem to jazz up just about everything! So I tried adding some in couscous and surprise! It tasted great! It look me just about 20 minutes to make and it was amazing. So say goodbye to flavorless couscous and hello to spicy, jazzy veggie couscous.

This is perfect for students as well, to get a healthy, quick but delicious meal before getting back to hit the books.   Continue reading “Indian style veggie Couscous – Just coz”

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A healthy blessing with the Avocado dressing

If you’re on another health kick and your taste buds desperately want some taste, because you’re tired of chewing on lettuce. Personally, I find lettuce to be bland and I can’t get it down without loads of dressing. But I digress.

I found this great recipe for avocado dressing that goes really well with salads and the pasta salad. Normally, people feel avocado is bland but this recipe made me fall in love with avocados. The recipe includes a Southwestern salad and is on buzzfeed. You can also see the video on

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Quick and quirky Pasta Salad

You know those times, as a student, we haven’t got the time to actually cook but we can’t help but crave for something that tickles our taste buds? Well, this veggie pasta salad is perfect for those times! And its healthy! Super healthy, actually.

Want to know the recipe? Funny thing is, there is no recipe! You can put everything you like in here. Well, don’t put pumpkins in. (Well, I’ve never put pumpkins in but who knows, maybe it’ll taste good? Okay, it won’t!)

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