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The flight of time

Running, running the immortal race,
Hearth not thou any man’s plea.
God or mortal the man may be,
Follow thou the same, steady pace. Continue reading “The flight of time”

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The End

Every man’s fear, every man’s bane,
An evitable occurance driving man insane,
Each passing moment is one step closer
To drawing Death’s noose a notch tighter. Continue reading “The End”

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The restless wait for death….

Death! Its a funny word, isn’t it? Not hahaha funny. More like weird funny. Its funny how unfunny it is! Its a small word, 5 letters. And it means so much.

I don’t think I’ve ever truly appreciated the depth of what it means. Death has so much significance in life. In everyone’s life. You hear of death everyday. In newspapers, in videos, in social media, from friends, from relatives and ….you personally face it sometimes.  Continue reading “The restless wait for death….”

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5 min creamy potato wrap… thing (Okay, the name still needs work)

This one was completely by accident. Really! I was actually surprised that it tasted so good! Especially as I was the one making it! I had come back from university at 4.00 pm, completely ravenous after skipping lunch. I had no patience to make food. Without really thinking about it, I picked up a potato waffle, found some other random ingredients and starting tossing it together into a bowl in the  microwave and it came together! I got an idea as to what I was making after I was more than halfway through it! It takes like 5 minutes to make. And its delicious for something that took so little time. Continue reading “5 min creamy potato wrap… thing (Okay, the name still needs work)”

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Indian style veggie Couscous – Just coz

I love Indian spices! They seem to jazz up just about everything! So I tried adding some in couscous and surprise! It tasted great! It look me just about 20 minutes to make and it was amazing. So say goodbye to flavorless couscous and hello to spicy, jazzy veggie couscous.

This is perfect for students as well, to get a healthy, quick but delicious meal before getting back to hit the books.   Continue reading “Indian style veggie Couscous – Just coz”