Hi! Welcome to my blog, the heart of Arya land!

You can transverse the depths of my thoughts here. Actually, you can find something about anything here, except beauty tips. I don’t do beauty stuff, Period. Sorry about that but as a self-proclaimed natural beauty enthusiast, that kind of stuff kinda goes against my principles. 🙂

But go through the different tabs and read about my rants (there are a lot of those) and other miscellaneous stuff on the ‘Life-related posts‘ tab. I’ll warn you, the chances are there’s more posts under this tab than any other. I can be quite strongly opinionated about lots of stuff happening around us and most of my opinions seem to find their way here!   My science posts tab have got a few articles about science which have a lot of biology because apparently, I like meddling with things that live. Shocker right?! And my poems tab is self-explanatory. It has a few verses I like to call poems on there.