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The End

Every man’s fear, every man’s bane,
An evitable occurance driving man insane,
Each passing moment is one step closer
To drawing Death’s noose a notch tighter.

Fear of fear, fear of pain.
Man fears everything, from a tiny grain,
To an apocalypse, or the work of fiend.
Underneath all is the fear of the end.

End of love, end of life.
One minute, confined to mortal flesh,
blink of an eye, the soul roams free.
Life and Death – two sides of a coin.

Death shapes man, Death shapes world.
Any race, any colour, fear the underworld.
Fear of the unknown, the void, the nether beast,
The final destination remains a missing piece.

Gods of Death, Gods of ether.
Hell or Heaven, or is there neither?
Past life’s sins versus moral responsibilities,
fulfilled, what’s the path to eternal bliss?

….Man is forever seeking these answers…..



I'm a writer, a poet, an observer and a studier of life.

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