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Indian style veggie Couscous – Just coz

I love Indian spices! They seem to jazz up just about everything! So I tried adding some in couscous and surprise! It tasted great! It look me just about 20 minutes to make and it was amazing. So say goodbye to flavorless couscous and hello to spicy, jazzy veggie couscous.

This is perfect for students as well, to get a healthy, quick but delicious meal before getting back to hit the books.  

Things you need – 

Cous cous
One Carrot
A little chopped Cabbage
A couple of pinches of chilli powder (Depending on how much spice you can handle)
One pinch of turmeric powder
One pinch of garlic powder
One pinch of ginger powder
A couple of pinches of mint or coriander powders
And two pinches of the magic powder – Garam Masala (Its an Indian mix spice powder. Its used in curries to add flavour)


Wash and put the couscous in boiling water with salt. Put the lid on and let it sit for 5 minutes on the stove and then switch it off. Honestly, don’t go by the exact timing. When all the water’s gone the the couscous is soft, its cooked. Switch the stove off or your couscous is going to burn. Trust me, you do not want that. Plus, the pan is a nightmare to clean afterward.

Fluff the (hopefully cooked just right) couscous with a fork. Add the turmeric, garlic, ginger and Garam masala powders and lightly mix it in the couscous. Put the lid back on for another ten minutes.

Semi boil the chopped carrots and cabbage. Add this to the couscous and mix it gently. Sprinkle mint or coriander powder on top (Or add chopped coriander leaves.)

Now, take your fork and gently lower it into the couscous. And…..put a healthy forkful into your mouth!

Amazing right?

It tastes incredible. And it was easy to whip up as well. I love having spicy food and this was perfect!



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