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Gold under silver – My grandfather

‘Grandfather’ – a ubiquitous bond of descent,
The link of our history, tied to the present,
He defines the future of generations to come,
Setting identities through his chromosome.

For my grandfather, it is a super special day.
11th of October, 2017, is his 96th birthday.
His children and grandchildren rejoice and bid
him a ‘Happy Birthday!’, as do the great grandkids.

A man of great strength and will is my grandpa.
Of his resolve, his discipline, I remain in awe,
For his legendary self-reliance he is famed,
And his righteous anger cannot be tamed.

Always in Khadhi, a simple person throughout,
Ever modest, a Gandhiji follower most devout.
From freedom struggle to independence halls,
From trunk calls to Skype, he has seen it all.

To five-year old me, he was quite mysterious,
Sitting writing at his desk, always so serious.
I was afraid to enter his sanctuary, his room,
Yet I yearned to see his different heirlooms.

For from the President’s hand he’s been awarded,
But his humble nature cannot be disaccorded.
A writer by profession, a benefactor at heart,
Shared their fortune, he and his counterpart.

My grandma at his side through thick and thin,
Jointly imparting wisdom to their kith and kin.
Triumphing adversities, challenging sorrow,
They never allowed their family to wallow.

I hold him in great esteem, on a high pedestal,
His spirited sense of self-sufficiency, ineffable,
I admire most. What about him I seek to emulate?
He relays no significance to society’s dictates.

My favorite memory—back when I was ten,
We went to the park, he sat at the bench.
On the way home, after 6 o’clock had chimed,
He let me hold his hand, for the very first time.





I'm a writer, a poet, an observer and a studier of life.

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