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To small a word to compare

Comparison, a small word to denote so big an action,
Something done so often, without much reflection,
Neither on the situation, nor on the ramification.
It is but to determine, to condemn the creation.

Comparison, a small word hiding behind an ugly face,
When it arrives, unbidden, amidst the human race.
It arrives to divide, to judge the one deemed worthy,
The others, they bow but resentfully to the mighty.

Comparison, a small word with the strength to burn
the ties so long maintained. One triumph can earn
a foe of fiery rage, born of the resentful vengeance,
Or create a deflated heart, bereft of faith’s presence.

Comparison, a small word but with enough power
To raise one to the heights of glory, fame’s tower
And push another down to the depths of despair
It is, but an imbalance of life, so terribly unfair.

Should this little word then decree our efforts futile?
Nay! But to rise above the competition and smile,
To accept the result but never ever ceasing to fight,
That light burns, it keeps the flame of victory alight.




I'm a writer, a poet, an observer and a studier of life.

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