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A silent disaster…

On a city’s way,

On a summer’s day.

I see puffs of smoke

From the chimneys poke

Their very black heads

Which leave the city dead.

People spitting gases

Through the city it passes.

People gasp for pure air

But don’t do anything fair

For the Mother Nature

Even if they were mature.


Noxious gases from a car

With the lungs spar

Dregs of a factory

Affect the family tree.

In dirty water mosquitoes breed

Spreading diseases they need.


Fish and algae full of dread

Of the worm hanging from a thread

And of all split oil

Which makes their lives spoil.

Rubbish from one’s hands

Pollutes all the land.


Humans deforesting

Never afforesting

Many plants and animals extinct,

Due to human’s instinct.

Will this world ever be

Again a safe harmony?



I'm a writer, a poet, an observer and a studier of life.

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