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Quick and quirky Pasta Salad

You know those times, as a student, we haven’t got the time to actually cook but we can’t help but crave for something that tickles our taste buds? Well, this veggie pasta salad is perfect for those times! And its healthy! Super healthy, actually.

Want to know the recipe? Funny thing is, there is no recipe! You can put everything you like in here. Well, don’t put pumpkins in. (Well, I’ve never put pumpkins in but who knows, maybe it’ll taste good? Okay, it won’t!)

Anyway, things you need – 

(Add any, some or all of the vegetables here. And any other you’d like).

A little pasta (Obviously) but any kind you like – cochlie, penne, fusilli…)

One Potato and one Carrot

A few florets of cauliflower

A small cup of Chickpeas/ red kidney beans (I prefer there but you can add anything else you’d like)

A small cup of Peas and corn niblets

One Onion

One tomato

One green chilli

One or two cloves of garlic (depending on how much you like garlic)

A few Spanish black pitted olives (sliced or whole)

Chilli powder, spices, dried mint and coriander, Schezwan powder


Boil the pasta in a pot. If you’re anything like me, remember to put the salt in while boiling. I always forget that and putting it in later doesn’t taste nearly as good.

Boil the potato and chickpeas/kidney beans with some salt. Chop the carrot, onion and tomato into little pieces. And then, add the peas, cauliflower and corn with the potato to  boil.

In a small pan, heat some olive oil. Fry a finely chopped green chilli and finely chopped garlic till its roasted (which takes about a minute). Add the chopped onions and carrots and switch off the hob. Put some chilli powder in (If you like it really hot, like I do!) and some curry powder. I put some Schezwan powder in as I love the kick it gives!

Stir and add the boiled pasta and vegetables. Add the olives and mix everything. Sprinkle some herbs  if you have any on top, like dried mint or coriander. Adding fresh shopped coriander also adds a zing!

Mix everything and enjoy!

It sounds like a lot of ingredients  but it tastes great! The best thing is, you can put in anything you’d like. Whichever vegetables you’ve got at hand. Sometimes, I just put some spinach and onions in and it still tastes wonderful! You can also mildly fry capsicum with the onions to make it more interesting.

When you’re really tight with time, you can just boil everything, mix it with some herbs and have it with some dressing. Or a super avacado dressing, the recipe of which I’ll post soon!

Enjoy and let me if you know liked the pasta salad!





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