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It all started with the Big Bang….Theory

Doesn’t it annoy you when people make fun of your favorite TV shows?!

The Big Bang Theory, which airs on CBS, is one of my favorite sitcoms. Which of course means that I gush about it to my friends (Yes, I have friends). And they, relentlessly and persistently, ask me how on Earth do I find the show funny!

They are not the only ones. Many people think the show is ‘meh’ (and shrug) and “all right, I suppose but there’s not much drama. And it’s full of science stuff. Like who cares?!”

They do have a point. I guess following the lives of four geeky scientists and (in the later seasons) their partners isn’t everybody’s idea of a fun time. But to a massive geek like me,  its awesome! Watching the character transformations through the seasons is pretty fascinating. The awkward but kind Leonard, his weird roommate Sheldon, their geeky friends Howard and Rajesh and their lovely neighbor/actress/waitress (in the first few seasons) / pharmaceutical rep (in the later seasons) Penny along with her friends Amy and Bernadette – all of them navigating the world of science while trying to come to terms with constantly evolving relationships. While the show doesn’t make me snort with laughter, I do chuckle occasionally.

Weirdly, the same things that make people dislike the show make me like it more. You find brilliant and eccentric Sheldon Cooper horribly annoying? He’s my favorite character. (Watch him explain Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock and be amazed!) You hate how there’s a lot of science stuff you can’t understand? I love it! I love hearing more about science stuff. Although, I have to admit I don’t know enough to know if the facts are all accurate (They seem so !) You can’t stand how Leonard and Penny’s relationship keeps going round in circles. I..Actually, I agree with you there. Though it gets better in the later seasons.

With the season 11 premiere all set for launching, I can’t wait. Over the seasons, the science related content has reduced a lot, which does make me a little sad. It does get a little tedious to watch the protagonists grapple with their relationships constantly. But I still can’t seem to stop watching the show! That’s not to say that all the content is good. Some episodes do make me want to plug my ears and wash my brain out with soap! I suppose all things have good and bad parts. So I try to avoid the bad parts that do invariably crop up.

I wouldn’t say that the show doesn’t become monotonous eventually, but you do get startling bits come up at times. The Big Bang Theory is nice to watch on a lazy day, when you don’t particularly want to overthink about the plot. You just laze and grin at the screen as Sheldon (AKA Jim Parsons) dazzles you with his incredible memory. In more ways than one.

PS. Credit to all the actors for pulling off the scientist act very authentically. And extra credit for memorizing all those tough science words and definitions! Its a marvel! (Try it! Its not easy as it looks!)



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