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‘Ode to my Grand dad’ by my best friend

This is something my closest friend wrote for her grand dad. This is for her, her love for her grand dad.

Ode to my grandad, by Baneesha Bedi

Never have I felt a loss like yours,
That defies the very Earth’s laws.

One minute, you were caring for me,
But then life passes you by,
And in the blink of an eye,
I was here, caring for you.

You were always here, with me, my guide,
Can’t remember a time, you weren’t by my side,
To me, you were immortal, invincible,
Forgetting you, your love, is infeasible.

Love is the connection we share,
A bond, like ours, is really rare.
Love, a contact I bind you eternally with,
For you know, life goes on is a myth.

For time stopped with you,
There was nothing I could do.
I live in your shadow now,
My life goes, yet I know not how.

I had to let you go,
For God had chosen so.
But you were the air I breathe,
Without it, how can I not grieve?

The price of love, you pay with grief.
I just wish God was not a thief.



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