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At the threshold, what might have been

From the threshold, looking at the brilliant blue sky,
Seeing the little puffs of white clouds go scudding by,
I feel no tranquility, thrill through me, lost as I am,
In the past. Lost in the memory of a year ago, today,
When a simple knock threw me into complete disarray.

He stood at my door, as tall, dark, handsome as ever,
His smile was nervous and in his eyes glinted a fervor.
Damp, he entered, the rain outside framing his form,
I gulped, he tenderly said, standing at the threshold,
“I love you”! It was a fine, romantic sight to behold!

I blinked, so overwhelmed, and he said it once more.
My heart had swooned, so my mind came to the fore.
Yet, as I stood at the threshold, I hesitated, an instant,
But my mind prevailed and my choice was clear,
So I refused him, that day, even though he was dear.

Today, I stand here, at this threshold, alone.
For together, we would never be happy, I knew.
Our differences were far too great to be bridged,
Yet, so many moments I have spent, pondering,
and here I am at the threshold, still wondering,

What might have been……



I'm a writer, a poet, an observer and a studier of life.

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