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Five reasons we’re all going to die

No, I’m not being pessimistic. I’m being logical. Confused? That’s how I felt when I found out what a mess we humans have made of our existence.

Here are the five top reasons that explain why we’re likely to die out and its not as long away as we hope.

Reason 5-

Stress. We are so caught up in trying to be more successful, make more money and buy more investments, that lots of people as young as in their thirties are dropping dead due to heart attacks and other stress related conditions. It is horribly stressful to manage everything and never take time from high-flying careers to relax and smell the roses  (Except I’m not sure I actually like smelling roses).

Reason 4-

Diseases. We’re now affected to loads of disorders and diseases. The rapid increase in population means that infectious diseases get transmitted very quickly. Also, there are rumors going around that in some places, there are additives in milk and eggs because cows and hens are injected with stuff to make them give more milk or eggs. This ends up in us when we eat the produce and makes us get all kinds of weird disorders. I’m not sure how true this is. But our lifestyle choices do mean we’ve become more unhealthy and prone to diabetes and hypertension and other stuff.

Reason 3-

Antibiotic resistance. Most bacteria and fungi are now resistant to most antibiotics we throw at them. Yes, sadly that means antibiotics no longer work very well. Unless we come up with new antibiotics, we’ll be back to living in the middle ages, with no penicillin to get rid of tuberculosis and stuff. There are efforts to prevent antibiotic resistance from spreading too fast by following restrictions in the way antibiotics are prescribed. Just remember, finish your entire course of antibiotics and never skip doses and you’ll be fine.

Reason 2 –

Food security. This is  a big one. There’s not nearly enough to feed all the coming generations, not unless we suddenly find a way to grow wheat on the moon! We can’t really put more land into farming and most plants are producing as many seeds and fruits as they can. Maybe Genetically Modified crops can do the trick but I doubt it can wipe out world hunger.

And the Number 1 reason I’m being so pessimistic –

Overpopulation. We’re at 7.5 billion people now. Its predicted to grow by a couple more billion by the mid century. Imagine how much more food and water we need to feed everyone, the space for everyone to live! It seems a hopeless cause. It seems very likely we’ll starve.

We as a species have already killed off loads of plants and animals (No, I don’t mean the dinosaurs! Those chaps died out ages before we came along). I guess its our time to face the music. We’ve nearly destroyed the delicately balanced ecosystem that gave us life. Unless we quickly make amends, nothings to stop us from vanishing from the face of the Earth.

I’ll stop at that depressing end. Maybe I’ll go plant some potatoes in my backyard.



I'm a writer, a poet, an observer and a studier of life.

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