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A New Years’ confidence in my resolve

Happy New Year!! A bit late, but oh well! Better late then never! I want to start this new year on a positive note. A new year does symbolize a new beginning, a fresh start. I want this year to be a bright new, fresh start for me too. And you know what New Years means. Another year, another resolution. Everyone knows resolution is a resolve today, forget tomorrow kind of thing. Well, unless you’re that determined person who actually does follow through.

I never really made a strong resolution. Never thought of eating healthy, going in a diet that never started, going on a diet that ended the next day, going out more, sleeping less….. never have these things ever  entered my resolution list. Mostly because I don’t have a resolution list!

But this year is different. 2017 will hopefully see me entering a new phase in life. I want to enter this with a positive outlook. No, I’m not getting married! I’m just saying a big hello to adulthood! So in 2017, my resolution is to be more confident.

No diets, nothing to do with food, sleep or work. I want to raise my self esteem enough for me to feel confident in my skin. To be bold. Nothing like a resolution to be bold to take risks or see the world or anything. Just to be bold enough to not run out the kitchen when my housemate’s boyfriend comes in! (What? Its a real thing! Its awkward to be shuffling about, adding chilli to your bubbling pot, when they’re so obviously in a deep conversation.)

I want to be confident enough to accept myself, to believe in myself and to believe that I am worth something.  I can do things well and I can make myself accept that! Oh right. A confident person would say  I will do things well and I will make myself accept that! See? I’m improving.

While I struggle to follow this resolution through, I hope your ones are all splendid and going strongly. Those that did fall off the wagon on January 2nd, don’t worry! You don’t need New Years to make resolutions. After all, very day is a fresh start……



I'm a writer, a poet, an observer and a studier of life.

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