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Where diversity meets shopping – Global Village, Dubai!

Diversity is a cool thing. All humans have the same DNA, (well nearly) and yet, the way we see things is so different .I got to see things differently in Global Village, a fair type thing in Dubai.

They set up this massive fair type thing every year in the winter and there are loads of pavilions from different countries selling their country’s specialties, world food, fun rides (I always skip that! Its horrifying!) and cultural performances. And food! Lots and lots of food! Did I mention that already?

Its one place where people all just let their hair down and have fun! No one judges or discriminates and everyone just shops till they drop, literally. Its a massive place and there is so much to buy! I couldn’t feel my legs after like 5 hours there but I still couldn’t stop. Everyone around me was so energetic and happy, the music was awesome and the place is so vibrant and positive, I didn’t feel like stopping. I was there till the place closed at midnight. Even then I left reluctantly!

I bought loads of things, most were really trinkets. They looked so pretty! I got to see African ebony statues, Pakistani fox fur coats (fox not faux, they even had the faces. Creepy but cool!), Indian puppet shows and jewelry, European food, Americas wild west themed things, East Asian clothes and so much more!!

The live performances were amazing. Each performance was for half hour and it was packed with high energy dancing. I applaud the dancers’ stamina! Wow!!

I love this place, if it wasn’t already apparent! Its a must visit for a night of cultural enlightenment, great shopping, lots and lots of yummy food (and walking. How else to see everything!) and absolutely loads of fun!!

PS – My sister captured the lovely image!





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