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Break through the tinted glasses of judging

Right! Be prepared for another rant! Inequality, racism and things like that always make me angry but today, I’m mad because of this thing called ‘judging’.

No, not judging, like in courts and things. Judging like judging a book by its cover. Its not just strangers, everyone does it. 

We all wear glasses, the tinted glasses of judgement. People judge you for your face, for your race and even for your thoughts. He’s got such a nice face, must be a nice guy. Or, she’s seems so dumb! Bet she hasn’t got any original ideas! Or the worst, omg! He’s brown, must be an uncultured, loud and definitely not smart!

What gives anyone the right to judge anyone else? You’re tall, you’re short, you’re black, you’ve got less marks so clearly you’re not smart, that girl has hair on her face and so on….These things have now become insults. Having a colored face is an insult, when really its just nature’s way of making us! So, that girl has hair on her face, hasn’t she hear of waxing? Maybe she’s got a health problem that makes it so and is fine with the way she is! What’s the problem there?

As a society, we just tend to judge everything. We are all guilty of it sometime or the other. Even friends sometimes judge one another for being different. What’s wrong with being different? I am weird and I am proud of it! That’s what makes me, me! I don’t need other;s approval to tell me what I can or can’t like, what to eat, what to wear or even what to think!

Don’t let anyone, be it friends, family or strangers affect the way you want to live. For them, its a quick mindless, comment. But for you, its the difference between being yourself and faking your persona. Don’t give up anything because others perceive it as weird or wrong! If their opinion really matters to you, then they are soo close to you, they wouldn’t ever make a rude, baseless judgement! Because real, true friends, they’d build you up, not tear you down!

Let’s get rid of judging each other. We are the same species, lets act like it!



I'm a writer, a poet, an observer and a studier of life.

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