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Who is a woman, really?

For two of my closest friends, who’ve stayed strong no matter what life throws at them and still find the strength to lend me when I need it!

Who is a woman really?

Who is a little girl really?
She’s who hides desires behind her frilly frocks,
As society hands her dolls, not building blocks.
She jumps and twirls in pretty, pink bows,
And learns boys alone are allowed a macho pose.

Who is a teen girl really?
She’s who thinks beyond clothes and make-up,
Knows looks count in world’s measuring cup.
Her smile is a mask on her broken heart,
For considered an airhead, none hear her part.

Who is a woman really?
She’s whose face speaks louder than her voice,
Thrives in her life, though a fight for every choice,
Works harder for acceptance, respect her due,
Why should she, when she’s same as you?

Who is a female, really?
Is she who’s weak because she doesn’t protest,
Who’s meek because she doesn’t claim she’s best?
Or is she the strength holding civilization together,
By just being her, that’s done by no one better?!




I'm a writer, a poet, an observer and a studier of life.

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