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Where do we come from?

I’m going to be really surprising now. Deviating from all life issues, I’m now going to write about this new show I’m watching. So you can expect quite a few posts about that! Don’t celebrate too early though, I’ll be back with life stories soon enough! 😉

I’ve started watching a show about how humans evolved. As a biologist, it interests me from a biological perspective. But as a modern human being, I can’t help but be intrigued by the question

‘where did we all come from?’

If you think about it, its a strangely alluring question. We bicker about whether the chicken came first or the egg, but have you thought about how we actually came on Earth? No, We didn’t evolve from apes! That’s bogus! Actually, we and apes probably had a common ancestor way back in the past, millions of years ago, but now we’ve very, very different from monkeys.

So how did we evolve?

Research says that from our ancestor (the monkey like one!), we steadily evolved. So we adapted, we changed according to the changes in the environment. We kept changes to our body and mind that helped us live and chucked away those that put us in danger. Which really is what evolution is all about.

Our oldest human like ancestors were from Africa. Surprised? Its true. Somewhere deep in Ethiopia, near the Omo river, is where our great-a-million-times-grandparents once lived. Well, not really our grandparents because that species evolves many times into other species before we came along! But you know what I mean.

This is just the start of the journey. We’re going on an incredible route across the world and at the journeys end, we might not meet our lovers but we’ll certainly know more about ‘where do we come from’!



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