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Thank you for your trust, Mama, Papa!

As a girl, (yes I’m a girl, as you’ve would have figured out by all the depressing and overthinking filled posts before this!), I’ve always had the issue of my parents trust.

No, not that they don’t trust me. More like they don’t trust the big bad world and they’re afraid to send their little girl out there. At one point, they’re having to have to let her go, but they just wish their daughter never grows up.

They’re always so worried about me staying out late, going out with my friends or stressing about my safety.

So, really, it’s a big deal for my parents to trust me enough to send me abroad. Sure, it was a great opportunity, but to really send their daughter away, it must not have been easy. I mean, they’ve got to have a significant amount of trust and belief on their daughter to actually send her far, far away from them.If they hadn’t had that trust and belief, I really couldn’t make anything of all the great chances I might have had.

When I went to them, asking for a chance, they could have refused me. They could have cited finance problems. They could have said, “You’re not ready to go away¬†as yet, not to a strange country!” But they didn’t. They trusted their daughter. They believed in their upbringing.

So really, I owe everything to my parents. Thanks to their trust, I’m here now. Doing what I love…



I'm a writer, a poet, an observer and a studier of life.

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