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Student Stress!!!!!

No deep reflective life message or question here! Just a student extremely stressed!

 You go through social media and find all these student messages and they’re so apt, it makes you feel better about having slacked off in the first few weeks of term. Then, you actually, physically go to your lectures and find that half the people in there have already submitted the assignments due next week. And the other half submitted it last week itself! As if that wasn’t enough, there’s always that one smart, annoying person who chips up with the extra work they’ve managed to do.


You (I) decide to pull up my socks and actually work. No distractions. Work constantly and catch a few minutes break only when you need to rush to the bathroom or to eat.

After a few days of sleep deprived nights, (you can’t actually sleep even if you go to bed early because all the amount of work to be done creeps up in your mind!) when you’re looking horrible with red, constantly drooping eyes, you’ve managed to be productive and finally, finally, finished all your assignments. Yes!!! You think, that’s it! I’m taking a break! I’ve earned it! A do nothing day!

Then half a dozen more assignments pop up in your email with deadline next week!


You can never catch a break, can you?




I'm a writer, a poet, an observer and a studier of life.

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