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The boy on the train

Taking a break from my usually depressing stuff, I’m going for another angle. Why? I’ve had a lovely bonfire night celebrations….and had a strange incident happen to me. 

My friend showed me a book she found on the train. Actually a notepad someone had left on the train from Oxford. She saved it from being thrown with the garbage, because someone had written lovely things in there.

Here comes the weirdness. I love writing poems. I won’t lie and say they are great, but I do enjoy penning some verses down. Now this book was unusual. The owner had scribbles songs inside it. That immediately had my interest.  The book is pretty new and only has things written from the 24th of September 2016. It’s a diary of sorts. The owner scribbled his thoughts down and then wrote a song after that on every page. How do I know its a he? It sounds like it. Also, he’s got a lot of beautiful verses about his love, Sophie.

Its strange how much I could glean from a few pages of soulful words. He’s travels a lot, this mystery man and scribbles intelligibly in his notepad. He really loves Sophie and wants to make money from his songs.

I’d be gutted if I forgot my song book in a train. I hope that he isn’t missing his book too much. I wish I could tell him that his book is in safe hands. We enjoy reading his words and wish he’d find the success he craves. Also, we really want to know about his story with Sophie!

I’m curious to meet him one day, though I know that’s impossible. I want to know this man with such a passion for writing, a passion for Sophie.

His last entry was 8 am this morning, where he wrote about the honey sunlight shining into the windows of the train and a few lines about starting anew. He didn’t know that he would be starting anew indeed. Starting a new book anew.



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