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Racism – the mirror showing the ugly truth

Admittedly, I have neither the knowledge,  nor the authority to comment on the racism issues of today’s age.

But I still feel that as an evolved and informed species bestowed with the special consciousness of common sense,  we can do better than that. Here we are in the 21st century, talking about engineering food to our taste; and we can’t even accept each other as we are. We distinguish and identify people by our color.

There are numerous debates and every eminent person has their stand on the subject. But the result – nada. Nothing. We still think having white skin makes for greatness, brown and black skin is a sign in inferior and under-developed minds. Anything that goes wrong with the world is the fault of the colored races.  White is beauty, colored skin is a disgrace.

Today, in this oh so civilized world, a black man is still distrusted. A brown woman is still considered beneath consideration. If your skin is dark, so is your future. Life is just a struggle to make the world see you without the tinted glasses called judging.

I wonder how this mindset first developed. As I recall, the so -called colored races were once rich in culture, heritage, ethics and wealth. We trusted too much, and now, we reap the fruits of our trust.

We were once colonized because we were made to believe we were inferior. The world is apparently smarter, civilized and more equal now. Is it really?



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