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The being fat rant

Back to the life business at the risk of being horribly boring,  my rant today is about being fat.

Being quite chubby myself, I can attest that being fat is quite awful. Looking around and seeing skinny people prancing about it skinny jeans and cute, little dresses; the self -conscious and jealous side of me always rears its head. Sadly, the confidence does take quite a hit when really slim girls elegantly stroll down the road and I feel like a stomping She – Hulk.  Its really quite depressing.

Sure, its my genes and metabolism and whatnot. Try as I might, I can’t slim down. People always recommend exercise and diet. Yea, because seeing everyone eat like pigs while starving myself is just so great. Forgive me, the lack of pizza makes me cranky. I live to eat, because I really enjoy flavors bursting in my mouth. Don’t we all?

Exercise is a great idea, except when trying to stay ten minutes on the treadmill is really difficult, not to mention embarrassing when the person next to me is clocking an hour.  That’s not so great.

I agree that staying fit is important. It keeps away a whole host of health problems. But should I really lose weight by keeping away from my favorite things in life because the girl next to me thinks its a crime if my thighs touch? I am sorry, but I love my crisps way too much to  give them up.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, trying to have a healthy lifestyle while occasionally (read frequently) treating oneself may actually not be that bad. But even so, after all that, when I still look like a bowling ball stuffed into jeans and a T shirt, is it okay to say that I’m a fat cow?



I'm a writer, a poet, an observer and a studier of life.

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