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To eat or not to eat, that is the question

Poverty – it is an ugly word. One never really considers it till it strikes full on. Life is surprising that way.  All of a sudden money goes from starring in dreams to becoming the freaky villain in nightmares.  While money is what makes the world go round,(whoever said it is the sun’s gravity clearly had not met electronics!) it stands to say that richest men aren’t the happiest. or that’s what everyone says anyway. Continue reading “To eat or not to eat, that is the question”

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Summer – What to do?

Summer – every student’s dream time. The time of the year when lectures, exams, work, blah, blah, blah takes a dive of the to do list. Two months of chilling, relaxing, reading, swimming, going to the beach…basically chillaxing.

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An Introduction to me…by me


“A lone voice cries out to be heard amidst the clamor of life. That voice is mine. Yours. Ours.

All of us are different. We all see the world from a unique perspective. Our experiences, the world around us, friends, family, relationships, food, science…..everything we see, we see in our own special way. So do I. 

Like everyone else, I have different identities. An adult. A sibling. A student. A friend. A sister. A daughter. A scientist. An artist. A believer.  All of these make me…me. These identities go together sometimes. Other times they clash! I experience life through each of my identities or maybe a sum of them all. This is my story. “

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Arya. I love observing things around me and sharing my ideas.  I am a scientist (I like to think so) and so I love viewing the world though a microscope and analyzing everything, from emotions to my life to actual science! I love to read and write fiction. This blog is sort of everything I see through my microscope!

Hope you have fun browsing through the stuff here!

Arya out! xD



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New in city

Being a stranger in a new place is a daunting prospect but when you add it to being a stranger in a foreign place far off from your homeland, daunting takes on a whole new level. The scenery, weather, people, culture, everything is spectacularly different. Whether you are a student living away from your family or an employee in a new job, coming to a new place is always filled with challenges.

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