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What is my talent?

How does one figure out what one’s talent is?

I might be good at lots of things or I might stink at everything. How does talent even help in life? I mean, you are supposed to study hard, get into a good university and then work. You study what interests you and then go to work accordingly. Where is the talent here? Is it studying? Is it finding your interests?
Interests and talents are so different. You might be interested in something, but not very good at it. Or you might be really good at something, like say maths, but it might not really interest you. So how does one figure out this stuff?

I think that this is all too confusing. I like to draw, to write, to sing and to know more about lots of things. So am I an artist, a writer, a singer or a professional?

I was thinking about this and I realized something. When I draw, I draw something I see or someone else’s work. When I sing, it’s someone else’s songs. Just because I have a curious nature, it doesn’t mean I have to follow into any profession related to that.

But when I write, I write from my heart. I don’t follow anyone’s style, or words. I write as I feel. Sometimes, I look at a finished articles, or a poem and know that it is my work. I don’t think. I just feel. And then the words are all there in front of me, on paper.

I had never accepted that my talent was writing. I always thought it wasn’t good enough. Talent isn’t doing something you do that outdoes others. It’s doing something, so that every time, you outdo yourself. Where  you don’t follow, but lead.  Your talent is being you. Others might not appreciate your talent, but your heart will.

I know my talent now.



I'm a writer, a poet, an observer and a studier of life.

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