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Who cares what you think?!

What does every child, teenager or adult crave?  Acceptance. Its what we strive for. We want to be accepted as a cool kid. We want to be accepted as a popular teenager. We want to accepted as well-off and happy in society. We want to accepted as an intelligent and diligent worker in the workplace. The list is endless – acceptance as a good mother, father, sister, doctor, engineer, …….

And the need to recognized as all of the above isn’t far away either.

So why, as animals with so-called superior intellect, do we crave for acceptance by others? Why do we base our opinions of ourselves in other’s opinions? It’s not very original and frankly, a bit silly. I mean, that woman dressed in the fashionable coat might cast a smug look over your rather plain and never in style clothes, but does she know you probably helped design the car she’s buying? Probably not!

Now that I think about, before we are accepted, we are judged. And the most common way to judge – a person’s appearance. It’s what we first see and so base opinions on it. Human tendency, can’t be helped. Know a person better, and that opinion goes out the window. Remember never judge a book by its cover? Yeah, the impressionable adolescents never got that memo.

We dress to impress, buy the latest, suppress our geeky side, pretend to enjoy things that bore us to tears and always appear happy. And rich. We think that’s the road to acceptance and then, recognition. Not going to lie, it probably is. But my point is, it shouldn’t be. Being ourselves is such a relief. And so much easier! We shouldn’t care about what the simpering fashionable lady thinks. Never going to see her again. Who cares what she thinks?!



I'm a writer, a poet, an observer and a studier of life.

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