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The city of the living past – Edinburgh

Edinburgh – The city where you can’t walk two feet without tripping over history. An amazing place I was lucky enough to visit.

This historic city has preserved the good old days remarkably well. Or perhaps I should say the good and bad old days. It’s one of the world most haunted cities. Not to mention the old Gothic monuments, the medieval buildings, the totally awesome Edinburgh Castle and the old stone buildings and alleys – the scene is all set. Its no wonder that this place inspired J.K. Rowling to create a magical masterpiece. It is said that He Who Must Not be Named’s grave is in Greyfriars Kirkyard, which is famous for other Greyfriar’s Bobby. (Google the story, its pretty neat!) That dead bloke has no idea how his name is world famous and people came to look at his grave! He was dead long before Harry Potter was written and has no idea.

There seems to be a mysterious air in Edinburgh, like its hiding secrets. Maybe its the atmosphere created by being surrounded by building centuries old. The Old Town especially, have lots of gruesome stories about murders and bodies and public hanging and stuff. You can’t walk past it without feeling a chill down the spine. The Ghost tours would be so cool if you’re into all the supernatural stuff (like I am!) and not chicken (like I am 😦 ). The arches and the bridges, loom overhead, in tune with the landscape. Its all very exciting and I got to learn so much about the history of the place.

Climbing Arthur’s seat, a cliff in the Salisbury Crags, is a bit of a trek if you’re as unfit as I am, but  having a wonderful view of the city and the sea makes up for it. That and walking about Carlton Hill and looking at the bird eye-view from the Nelsons Monument are a couple of the things I enjoyed most of all.  Oh and also listening to all the great stories about the places. Oh oh! And the Castle was really awesome. Wait! I loved the huge National Museum of Scotland. Especially the Natural History bit! The models were lifelike and totally mind – blowing! Oh and the Library is massive and has like 12 floors underground! UNDERGROUND!  Where the vaults and stuff are on the next street! Vaults where the people were murdered and people say is haunted!

Ok so the point is that I really enjoyed everything. The food was really good too.  I feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface of what Edinburgh is really. Its got so much to do, to learn and to know. Its a city for the alive to got to know the dead. And its a walk down history. A stroll down memories.



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