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Mother knows best!

Its a overwhelming experience to finally acknowledge that mothers are always right. Always. Well not if they are like Cinderella’s stepmom, but the ones like her real mom. Or Merida’s mom. The fact is mums have a knack of knowing what to do and when to do it.

I, along with most teenagers and young adults, take my mother for granted.



They are natural problem solvers. Run to mommy if I’m in a pickle. She’ll know what to do. But this is also true – “Ugh! My mother won’t let me go out after like 9, She’s so old fashioned!”. All of us have said this at some point.

But I’ve found recently that mothers also somehow know when their kid is doing something wrong. Its like they have a radar on their kids. Example – my mom warns me about something, example a guy. She says he’s not a good friend, and to be careful. And I think she’s overthinking (She’s never met him!)  and what she predicts (He’s going to try to take advantage) is never going to happen But it does. Against all odds. How she knew the guy was rotten without even seeing him I have no idea. Its slightly freaky.

I’ve learnt to trust mom. Everything she says. Without question. I may not know why she says or does things, but I figure there is probably a good reason. For as Disney has publicized – Mother knows best. As long as it isn’t a nasty, old hag pretending to be the mom.







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