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The scent in the flower of life

Life throws circumstances at us, that plunge us into depression, sadness. There are moments when you just want someone to hold you and tell you are going to be okay, comfort you, offer you a couple of words of encouragement. When life  gets tough, there’s only one thing that keeps us anchored sanity. Friendship.

Be it happy days or sad ones, friends are the ones who pull us through them. They are there to be crazy with you when you are feeling rebellious. They help you study when you need to pass a particularly frustrating exam. There are even there when you are trying to find your one true love….when they are not bugging you with multiple suggestions and forcefully expressing their choice!  They are there during heartbreak. When everything seems to spiral out of control, they are still there to support you, hold you and push you forward if needed.

Though its hard to find good friends, but once you do, its impossible to let then go. They don’t leave you, even if you demand it, and stay with you for the rest of your life. Their memories sustain you when there are not physically present next to you. Their voice whispers in your head when you need them. Their smiles accompanies you wherever you go. Best of all, their love warms you heart even when you are freezing from hate.

The fun, crazy, happy times you share are forever imprinted in your mind. They can brighten up a dull day, cheer up a sad day, tone down a serious day and boost your confidence on a self esteem down day. That’s the greatest thing about them. You know they will never leave you even if you are the weirdest person on the planet, because they know and understand you. And they will be there for you.

My friends are the greatest. They were there for me when I had no one. When I was the new kid, they took me in , accepted me and all my weirdness and we’ve never looked back. We are the most fun, craziest bunch of people and I wouldn’t have it any other way.



I'm a writer, a poet, an observer and a studier of life.

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