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My oldest friend

It’s really a shame that we let little things get the better of us. Small things that happen in our day to day life add to our stress levels. Or rather, we let them. Stress really is an ugly word. Why would we let something that saps our energy, drains our happiness and drives away sleep feature so prominently in our life? Quite astounding really.

I share a very close relationship with stress. It has been my constant companion since forever. When I was a toddler, I didn’t really understand what was the big deal about work. Life was all about refusing to eat the weird guck that my mum seemed determined to push into my mouth. Then schooling started and I felt some responsibilities start to creep in. But not enough to worry about. True, I actually had to do my homework and stay awake in classes and there was more than just playing and having fun. Then, I progressed. So did  the weight of expectations that everyone carries around. I actually had to get good grades. When I did that, I had to get better grades than my dad’s friend’s son. Done! Then, I had to stand first in my class. Not so easy! THEN, I had to participate in every competition and not to mention, win. Okay, maybe no win in all…but at least some. And, that’s how I got up close and personal with stress!

Then came, exams! The main ones you take that determine where you go to university. I had to ace those. Yeah, to get into a good college. Acceptable reason but not helping the stress. That’s when stress decided to take up permanent residence in my head. Quite annoying really because the slightest problem makes m stress levels shoot sky high. And makes me react in unpredictable ways. Reading books non stop or watching many movies to forget about the cause of my tension. Or even jumping up and down like an monkey on a sugar rush before my exams to dispel the stress. ( I don’t think my teachers or the invigilator liked that, judging by the shocked looks that evoked!)

But I’ve learnt not to let stress control my life. It just makes things that much more difficult, not to mention invites a whole host of medical problem along. So, I’m letting things take their course. If they go wrong, I’ll just have to fix it, not panic and hyperventilate. But I o get the occasional visit from my old friend but still, it doesn’t stay long. Hopefully, it stays that way!



I'm a writer, a poet, an observer and a studier of life.

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