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Dissecting pride

You know, I’ve made a realization today. Its about …..Pride (duh!). Pride is so weird – both postive and  negative. Right? I am not so sure about that.

We all have pride. We are proud of ourselves, of our parents, of our siblings, of our friends. Basically, pride comes in a big packet that has love written all over it. Anyone we care for, we obviously feel proud of their accomplishments.  That big packet also has joy, pain, disappointment, and other confusing emotions stuffed in it. But lets not go there.

So pride. Its a very weird feeling. Like our Mr.Darcy says, “When there is superiority of mind, pride will always be under good regulation.” Or something like that. But Elizabeth doesn’t agree till she falls in love with him and then says he has a good reason to be proud. So apparently, its ok to be overly proud if you are handsome, and have lots of money. Just kidding.

There’s a fine line between pride, confidence, arrogance and narcissism. Pride is positive – being proud of something you’ve done and for being you is all very good. It goes hand in hand with confidence and boosts you up. Then when you start taking yourself for granted, it turns in to arrogance. And then you start loving yourself a little too much, and cross over into narcissism. Which isn’t too healthy. Unless you are the epitome of perfection. Which might be a little hard to be.

Anyway, the nice thing about pride is that its not just about you. You can be proud of anyone you care about. Its impossible to be arrogant or narcissistic about someone else. When you think about it, pride is a pretty selfless feeling too. Um I think?

So looks like Darcy did come out on top. I mean, he was a tiny bit arrogant, but really ,can we blame him?



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