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Running the race of life

Its strange how everyday is the same old routine. Once a while, something happens which adds brightness to the dull routine but it soon fades and is replaced by the same tedious days.

Everyday we wake up, eat, leave for work, spend the day yelling at people or getting yelled at in our turn or just slogging through work, return home, get more work done and finally sleep. A new friend, new TV series or an interesting book keeps the monotony away for a few days but then it becomes a part of our life and the depressing state of events return. Its quite sad really.

Why isn’t there more fun and excitement in our lives? Why do we spend our time slaving away and not spend enough time for ourselves? It is our life but the choices we make are hardly in our favor. Money runs life and we run to make money!

We are so caught up in the race to success that we rarely notice anything beyond our daily bustle. Everyone is running, running to catch a bus, running to get admission to a great college, running to out-compete others, running to get to an interview to outrace the others applying for the same job, running for mayor…. Do we ever really stop and see the distance we have covered or are we to be stuck in this cycle of running non stop, trying to win the race that doesn’t have a finish line? One goal achieved just leads to another commitment to better the last one.

So where are we? Lost amid this never ending race, running toward an objective that had no conceivable destination. Just running……..




I'm a writer, a poet, an observer and a studier of life.

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