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Love makes life beautiful

Love is such a strange feeling. It evolves with age, takes on different meanings but has importance in every stage of life.

In childhood, the love a mother showers is the most important thing for her child. Rivalry between siblings for parents attention and love is a cute stage. A child knows nothing beyond that. Then, friends enter our life and we start experiencing new emotions. New people to share things with.

Then, teenage makes its entry and the world just shifts is focus in our eyes. Previously unimportant issues seem like a huge deal. When our eyes first clash with that special someone, its a magical moment. Love just attains a new meaning. Every day is an opportunity to steal secret glances at that person and try to avoid being caught staring. And those enchanting instances when eyes invariably meet and hold, captivated. The world doesn’t exist for a few seconds, just that pair of eyes, till one looks away. A feeling of warmth and a delighted smile is the result of that encounter and every time that instant is relieved. Every sight of that person brings an uncontrollable urge to glance up and see if that glance is reciprocated. We revel in the novelty of the feeling. Its something fresh and beautiful.

When finally the feelings are acknowledged, life takes a sharp turn.  Responsibilities increase but the burden seems lighter because there is someone to share it with. While the love for parents and friends still exists, it fades in the brilliance of romance. A new family is created and then the circle of life is completes with the arrival of kids, and then grandkids. There is love for them, the love that never fades. Neither does the romance, be it 5 years or 50. The glance still brings warmth and a delighted smile.

Every person needs love, whether we admit it or not. There is always love in life, in some form or the other.

Love makes life beautiful.



I'm a writer, a poet, an observer and a studier of life.

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